Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kozol; Amazing Grace

St Annes Church South Bronx, NY

Amazing Grace
Jonathon Kozol

    In Amazing Grace Jonathan Kozol proves that the inequality and the oppression is supported by the United States and continues to shape our culture. 
   In White Privilege:  Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack  Peggy Macintosh listed 50 day to day events that as a white middle classed man I don't even have to think about. Macintosh explains that the effects of white privilege are evident in everything that people of color or of lower class go through on any given day. Simple things like going to the grocery store and getting "special" attention from the clerk. An example given by Kozol is how a major company like The Times newspaper is not being sold in the ghetto because they advertise items that poor people cannot afford. However, by not making this newspaper available to this demographic they are withholding the news from these people. Now, there are certainly many different ways to get your news these days, but the Times is what the people prefer to read and The Times is essentially saying that their product is too good for poor people.
South Bronx Mott Haven
Another example given by Kozol that proves the government does not help the poor is the building of an incinerator in Cliffies neighborhood. The incinerator was going to be built in a nicer part of New York but the people took a stand and the state was unable to get clearence to build the incinerator. So instead of coming up with a different plan they decided to plop the incinerator in the middle of South Bronx. This is an area where pollution runs rampant already. Children have to take Albuteral in order to breath and now they have the added pollution of the incinerator added to their already poor living conditions. It's just further proof that the government is out to make sure the poor stay poor and the rich stay happy.

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